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Hi frens! 


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for coming to see me and my firehouse family on Food Truck Tuesdays and for the GRREAT turnout for our very first Trunk or Treat night! Now that November is here, guess what that means! 


It’s time for fall candles and it’s the time of year when we get to decorate and cozy up to books and fires. Oof! 


I sad that I won’t see all of you until the train garden and Christmas tree sales starts. 

Let’s talk about candle and decoration safety cuz they’re all so pretty! Boop! 


Candles and lights are beautiful, but they can be mean too! Paws a moment to read these tips before you bring out the purdy holiday candles and all those lights-


  • Never, ever leave a candle unattended. Just cuz they’re pretty, it doesn’t mean they are always safe. Leaving them unattended can be bad.  


  • Keep candles away from any materials like curtains, clothing, and blankets.


  • They’re pretty in the bathroom, but be careful not to put them close to towels, your extra toilet paper rolls or even wall hangings. That could be ruff! 


  • If a candle is almost out of wax, throw it away and buy another one. That way the glass doesn’t get too hot and break. 


  • Candles in windows are purdy too, but blinds, shades and curtains could catch fire and we don’t want that. Buy the battery operated ones for the windows. Oof! 


  • Make sure your kids and furry frens can’t get too close. We don’t want them to get a burn or knock over the candle.


  • Those wax warmers are pretty and smell nice too, but they can get hotter than you think and cause a fire too. Keep them away from materials and kids too. Boop! 


  • Check all of your power cords and strands of lights before plugging them in.  Throw away any cords that are not completely how you bought them. 


  • Cats like shiny things and will climb a tree to play with tinsel, garland and even the shiny lights.  


  • Make sure your lights are for outdoor use before using them outdoors. Not all lights can be used outside.  Oof!


  • Keep decorations away from fireplaces and electrical cords.


Burrrr, it’s getting chilly out! My fur keeps me warm, but we’re here to discuss you. Boops!


Have you turned on your heat yet? Before you do, change your furnace filter and clean your vents of any dust and debris. Don’t wait to change the clocks – do it now. I saw so! Oof! 


  • A yearly furnace cleaning is a bootiful idea – birds and other critters can get in your furnace and make nests. I won’t cuz i not a critter. Boop!


  • Make sure there are no materials near your furnace or on your vents. Even plastic bins and trash bags could get hot and melt.  That would be a mess! Oof! 


  • Space heaters can be helpful, but make sure they are safe and follow the owner’s manual to make sure it is properly placed away from anything that could catch fire. And never, ever use your oven to heat your home.  Not even once! Arf! 


  • Check power cords on all of your heating equipment to make sure they are not frayed. 


  • If you have heated blankets, make sure their cords are safe and never leave them turned on when you are not using them. 


  • Fireplaces should be completely cleaned out before using them and it’s a good idea to have your chimney cleaned before using them also.  Boop!


  • Never leave your fireplace unattended or lit when you are not home. 


  • A screen or doors for your fireplace ensure extra safety precautions when you’re burning wood so don’t just use them as a decoration in your holiday photos.  Oof!


  • If you own a pellet stove, it should also be cleaned out before using it and always make sure you follow the owner’s manual on safely using it.   


  • Never let a child attempt to start a fire in your fireplace or even in a fire pit. Fire is dangerous and an adult should always light it. Always! Boop! 


  • Never use flammable liquids to start a fire. Burns can happen very quickly and liquids can spray on clothing or other materials (like you!) and catch fire very fast. Oof! 


  • Never place clothing or shoes close to the fire and do not wear loose clothing when lighting your fireplace. 


I promise I’m getting to the fun stuff, but I HOPE you’re having fun reading my words of wisdom.  I even sat pretty while I wrote these. Oops! They caught me sleeping instead! Boop!

Here comes the good stuff and it doesn’t come cheap! I worn out so I HOPE you are ready for some citement! 


My firehouse family (and me, of course!) have started to build our annual train garden and it’s gonna be so pawsome!  Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ve been up to in the last few weeks.

Our train garden is set to open on the day after Thanksgiving and will run through the end of the year.  Keep an eye out on our social media for hours of operation and don’t forget our Christmas tree sales that will start the same day.  


Speaking of the holidays, wouldn’t you love to have a new car under your tree this year or put it under a tree for your family?  Just kidding, it won’t fit (neither will I) Oof!


Drawing will be held on Christmas Eve, but no one likes to be a late shopper so get your tickets before time runs out.  Out? I wanna go out! Boop! 

HOPE to see you all at our train garden in a few weeks. 


⁓ Hope ⁓

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