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Beat the heat checklist



Hi Frens!

Whew, it’s hot! ! I HOPE you’re all ready for all the summer fun coming up like food truck Tuesdays and the kids being home.  



Before you send your kids outside, paws while I unleash some summer tips to keep your family safe in the sun and outdoors.


  • Load up on sunscreen and reapply every few hours or when getting out of water. It may say waterproof, but still do it.  
  • Hats, hats and more hats! Hats protect us from the sun, but also from ticks and other bugs.  Boops!
  • Drink lots of water to replenish what your body needs when it’s hot.  
  • Wear light color clothing to reflect the sun.  Dark clothing will make you hotter.  Oof! 
  • Now is the time of year that we can get lots of lightning. If you hear thunder, lightning isn’t far away.  Get indoors and stay away from any standing water and trees. 
  • Since lightning can strike our homes, make sure your family has an escape plan and includes pets.  If you don’t, hop to it and get it done.  Practice makes purrfect! 
  • Practice ladder safety.  If climbing a ladder, always have someone nearby who can help in the event of an emergency. Be sure ladders are placed on level spaces. 
  • If you’re completing some projects around the house like painting, dispose of any old paint cans and paint thinners properly at a landfill.  They’re hazardous waste and most landfills have a special place for them. .  Oof! 


Remember – warm weather brings people outdoors so there is added traffic, bikes and pedestrians to our roads.  Don’t forget these important safety tips for on the road. Zoom Zoom! 




  • Plan your route before you leave to avoid getting lost or getting

distracted by your phone or gps.  

  • If you’re lost, pull safely off the road or into a parking lot to find your way back on track. Put on those emergency flashers! 
  • Never, ever use the emergency vehicle crossovers on the highways.  It’s illegal and dangerous! Oof!
  • Keep your eyes on the road for motorcycles and bicycles.  They’re harder to see than other cars.  
  • Remember, pedestrians have the right of way so make sure you slow down at all crosswalks and obey stop signs.
  • Shopping centers have stop signs in their parking lots that can be difficult to see.  Make sure you stop for these so pedestrians can cross.  
  • Keeping your headlights on the automatic setting does not mean the tail lights are on too. Manually turning the headlight switch into the on position every time you get in your car will make it a habit and turn on headlights and tail lights.  That’s smart like me! Hehe
  • If you’re going to be a pedestrian, wear bright clothing so you can be seen easier when crossing the street.  Dark colors are boring anyway. Boops!
  • Always, always look both ways when crossing a street or a parking lot.  Just cuz you have the right of way does not mean cars will stop.  Oof!
  • Never cross a street by going in between parked cars.  Go to a corner! That’s the bestest! 
  • Before letting kids play on jungle gyms or other outdoor equipment,  check to make sure there are no loose parts or rusty nails anywhere on or around the area and equipment.  
  • As always, move over for emergency vehicles and other vehicles on the side of the road for their safety and yours.


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Be safe!


~ Hope ~