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Hi Frens!


Guess what time it is!  It’s that time of year when I get to send you tips all about fire prevention.  

Before you get roped in about fire prevention, paws for a moment and take a look at these fall safety tips first –

Vehicle and pedestrian safety reminders are my favorite cuz they’re about you so make sure you read these –


  • Slow down when you see pedestrians or bicycles.  
  • Always wear your seatbelt.  I do! hehe
  • Headlights make us more visible day and night.
  • School buses make frequent stops.  Make sure you stop for them when their lights flash yellow or red.
  • Use crosswalks whenever possible to cross any street.
  • If there isn’t a crosswalk, cross at a corner. 
  • Never cross a street between cars. Oof!
  • Make sure your children cross the street with an adult and hold hands.
  • If you have to run to beat a car, that means it isn’t a safe crossing.  Wait for the car to pass and walk safely so you don’t trip or fall or worse!
  • Wear bright clothing when you will be a pedestrian so drivers can see you better.  
  • Always use your turn signals when changing lanes or turning.  Always! 
  • If your vehicle gets a flat or your car stalls, put your flashers on immediately and when possible, try your best to move to the right and get as far off the road as possible.  
  • If you see any vehicle on the side of the road, move over and slow down.  
  • If you see an emergency vehicle with their lights on, slow down and move over.  It is the law and it will keep you safe too.
  • You should read these again and share them.  


Whew! Had to wet my whistle after all that! Hehe!