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Hello my favorite hoomans!

I saw lots of you at our first two Food Truck Tuesdays and I was so excited! Woof!  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for every Tuesday so you can come give me lots of boops.  I love me some boops! And treats! If you don’t see me, ask one of my firehouse family to come get me so we can visit. Here’s a pic of me and Yoda – I don’t like him much cuz he didn’t give me treats or boops. Meany pants!

While you’re waiting to come give me boops, here’s some important safety tips for ya – Count em and give me treats for each one pleaz! I love treats! Do you know what to do if you see someone bleeding? It’s important to stop the bleeding as fast as possible cuz if it’s bleeding bad enough, the person could die within minutes.

Some of my favorite hoomans here at the firehouse gave me some help with this one and it’s eezy peazy –

If someone is bleeding, it can be scary, scary stuff.  If you remember these tips, it won’t be so scary.  

Stop, drop and roll. Wait, wrong tip.  Oof

If it’s not a safe area, move them and you to safety first.  

Call 911 or tell someone else to call 911.

If you can’t see where the blood is coming from, cut or rip clothing to uncover it.

Apply firm, steady pressure to the cut with both hands if ya can.

If you have a bandage or something clean, cover the bleeding site and press hard and steady on it.

If the bleeding doesn’t stop, find a tourniquet or you can use clothing, a belt, or even a tie to wrap around the limb as high and tight and possible.  

You can print this photo and hang it on your fridge or in your garage where the sharp things are.


By the way, do you know what to do if you see an emergency vehicle coming?  Our frens at the National Safety Council tell me that on the average day since COVID started, over 700 people are involved in a distracted driving accident every day.  Jeez! 

Now that traffic is increasing again, that number is gonna go up. Oof! The National Safety Council has a motto – #justdrive.  That’s it – Just Drive!  Weeee!


If you’re driving anything – just drive and leave everything else alone including your phone until you are parked, pleaz.  That’s the bestest way to avoid an accident.  Programming your radio is a distraction too so do that before you start driving.  Some people eat while driving too. Yum! Please park and eat so you aren’t distracted by those crumbs. I love crumbs! Enjoy the scenery, watch birdies and squirrels! Watch out for the gooses too! Them silly doods fall in drains and my firehouse family has to go get them.  Did I mention I love geese? Not really! Oof! 


Here’s some faboolous ideas to help you know what to do when an emergency vehicle is coming – 



  • Move to the right unless we are already there! 

  • Never go through a red light to let an emergency vehicle through! It’s against the law!

  • Slow down so we can pass! We like to pass on the left. 

  • If a lane is already clear, stay where you are and let them go in the clear lane. They will!

  • Do not stop in front of a fire engine or an ambulance with lights and sirens on.  Never! 

  • Do not cut off an emergency vehicle – engines and ambulances weigh a lot and can’t stop fast. Dat would hurt! 

  • Keep back several car lengths in case the emergency vehicle has to stop.

  • Give the emergency vehicle lots of space. I has lots of space! 

  • Avoid stopping on curves.  Whewee! They can’t see around you! 

  • Don’t panic! Keep calm (like me!)

  • Avoid blocking the shoulder of a road. 

  • If you’re following an ambulance to a hospital, stay back. It’s safer!



Remember to move over and slow down while passing stopped emergency vehicles too.  It’s a great idea to move over and slow down for any stopped vehicles. It can save lives and I love when that happens, don’t you? 

Speaking of great ideas.  You should go back to my previous blogs and read them if you haven’t yet.  I don’t have any ideas about how to keep cicadas away.  They too noisy! Maybe if I eat one, I can make great noise too! Boop! 


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See you Tuesday! And don’t forget my boops!