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Smart Ideas to be Safe

Happy Spring frens, We only have four weeks to go until our kickoff Food Truck Tuesday night! I’m so excited that I get to see everyone again. I’ve missed my frens! With the…

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Spring into Safety

Hi Frens! Before I tell you the important stuff, it’s my birthday month! Send treats! Yep, I was born on St. Patrick’s Day so that makes me Irish, but please don’t send green treats.…

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2020 By The Numbers

Hello my favorite hoomans! I HOPE you’re all keeping warm and staying healthy and safe! My firehouse family has done the math for 2020 and since I love sharing information about my firehouse,…

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Seasonal Safety

Hi Frens! Did you know that December is the leading month in the U.S. for house fires? There’s lots of reasons for house fires, but December is HUGE because of the holiday season!…

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Halloween Safety

Hi Frens! Guess what’s coming soon? I know, I know – you want another Food Truck Tuesday. So do I, but we have to wait until spring. I sad too! It’s Halloween time! I saw…

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