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Seasonal Safety

Hi Frens! Did you know that December is the leading month in the U.S. for house fires? There’s lots of reasons for house fires, but December is HUGE because of the holiday season!…

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Halloween Safety

Hi Frens! Guess what’s coming soon? I know, I know – you want another Food Truck Tuesday. So do I, but we have to wait until spring. I sad too! It’s Halloween time! I saw…

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Fire Prevention Month

Hi Hoomans! October is Fire Prevention Month and it’s my favorite month of the year cuz my family at WMVFC likes to share fire prevention tips with all of you!!  Here are some…

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My First Blog

HI FRENS, da humans call me hope, they said dis was every humans favorite name but they did nots ask me just kidden I would’ve pickd it too! anyway frens, I was born on st pattys…

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